Interstate Rehab, established in 1985 and headquartered in Glendale, California, is the premier provider of Rehab services to acute care hospitals and outpatient rehab clinics. We are owned and staffed by professionals who have been in practice for more than 30 years and are licensed therapists, physicians and health care practice administrators.

Jim Pietsch | Founder and CEO

Jim founded Interstate Rehab in 1985 with the vision of providing the best quality service at an affordable cost and developing physical and occupational therapists to their full potential. As the company’s CEO, Jim leads Interstate Rehab through the focused engagement with hospital executive teams, market expansion, acquisition, and finance, while building a strong brand presence.

Jim’s professional roots in finance, business development, and sales extend throughout Southern California having led a regional sales team for Canon USA; as well as having built his banking career from the ground up to Vice President at Union Bank — prior to founding Interstate Rehab.

Jim earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from UCLA and worked on a presidential campaign while in college. He has the distinct honor to have been named as one of America’s Outstanding Young Men. Jim enjoys the outdoors, golfing, water-skiing, hiking, shooting, and other outside activities. Jim is also an active member of Salem Lutheran Church in Glendale, and for the past nine years Chairman of The Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers program

Beth Celo | Executive Vice President

Currently the Executive Vice President and co-owner of Interstate Rehabilitation Services. As EVP for Interstate Rehab, she collaborates with the Executive Leadership team to maximize the organization’s operating performance. Ms. Celo received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Santo Tomas and then studied to become a Doctor of Medicine from the same university. After practicing as a physician for a few years, she decided it was time for a career change and immigrated to Los Angeles. She assumed the job as Vice President of Operations for Interstate Rehab in 1992. During that period, the organization only had 75 employees and seven Acute Care hospital contracts. She eventually became an owner of the same company. She is also a managing partner for Premier Management Solutions .

Outside of Interstate Rehab, Beth spends most of her time on the soccer field as a soccer mom to her two kids.

Glenn Dabatos | Chief Operating Officer

Glenn Dabatos, Physical Therapist and Chief Operating Officer for Interstate Rehab and has worked in both outpatient and hospital settings. His areas of interest and experience include orthopedic physical therapy and sports therapy, inpatient and ARU. Glenn joined Interstate Rehab in 2002.

Glenn received his bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1984. He has worked in Private Practice clinic settings, developed industrial rehab programs for Hallmark Cards and BNSF, developed Acute Rehab Units, Inpatient and Hospital Outpatient programs such as Cardiac Rehab Program and Joint Replacement and Spine Programs, and community based Wellness Center.

Carlo Mendoza | Chief Strategy Officer

Carlo Mendoza is the Chief Strategy Officer at Interstate Rehab. Carlo oversees the administration and ever-changing financial needs, helping with conceptualizing projects, programs and strategy. He joined Interstate Rehab in 2014.

Carlo has worked in a variety of industries including consumer products, sporting goods, maintenance service companies, start-ups, non-profit, and health care. Carlo’s experience in managing change encompasses turnarounds to managing fast growing companies. Carlo received his MBA in Finance from The Anderson School at UCLA, and his degree in Business Economics also from UCLA. He has over 28 years of experience in finance and operations.